2019 Cultural Night Registration

2019 Cultural Night Registration

Registration for  the 2019 Igbo Union of Canada Cultural Night is on now!

Date: Sept. 1st, 2019

2019 Igbo Cultural Night Canada

About the Cultural Night Event

Igbo Union of Canada, the foremost Igbo Cultural Organization in the Greater Toronto Area is happy to present, once again, her bi-annual Cultural night entertainment scheduled to be held on Sunday, September 1st, 2019.
In line with the theme of this year's event, the ceremony promises to:
- Showcase the traditional heritage, uniqueness and bonding of the Igbos through;
-  Cultural performances and displays:
  •     Traditional attires
  •      Abia War dance
  •     Ogene
  •     Owerri Maiden Dance
 - Local Delicacies:
  •      Ofe Owerri
  •      Ofe nsala
  •      Ofe Onugbu
  •      Ofe okazi
  •      Ugba and Okporoko
-  Wrestling 
-  Masquerade 
-  Etc.
At the event, you will experience the true  taste of Igbo Culture and  traditional heritage.  You may also be the lucky winner of a $250 raffle draw prize..

For the letter of invitation

To all International attendees, Igbo Union is able to provide you with free letter of invitation to enable you apply for Canadian visa. We expect you to take a page on our brochure to congratulate the union on the event. Please note that Igbo Union do not guarantee in any shape or form that we will help you get visa. Giving Canadian visa is the sole responsibility of the Canadian embassy. For the letter of invitation, please send your name as it is stated in your passport and your goodwill message with $100 sent online through this website.

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