I Fear For Nnamdi Kanu’s Life


I Fear For Nnamdi Kanu’s Life

We may not see Nnamdi Kanu alive any more. I hope that I am wrong for I think he has done great things for both Nigeria and Biafra. For Nigeria he is the instrument that is motivating Nigerians to rethink the type of governmental structure it has. Should the Handshake Across the Niger come to fruition it would be a result of Mr. Kanu’s bringing awareness to the Igbo and Yoruba (Ohaneze and Afenifere). For Biafra his assertiveness has made President Buhari listen to the Igbo problem (PMB has now visited Anambra, Ebonyi, and Enugu). These were states that PMB did not know they existed.

I digressed a little.

Those who were old back in 1966 will remember the long wait in vain to see Gen. Aguiyi-Ironsi. This is what is happening again. Nigerian military has captured Mr. Nnamdi Kanu and have probably killed him. A few days ago Mr. Kassim wrote a treatise on why he thinks that Kanu is not held by the Nigeria government. I bought his story hook line and sinker. But if you rethink recent events you get a better picture

Consider the following:

  1. IPOB was declared a terrorist organization
  2. Nnamdi Kanu was declared a terrorist. The above points are designed to make it possible for anybody to kill Mr. Kanu and for the world to accept his death. Most people in the world wish nothing but death to the terrorist.
  3. The silence of compromised Igbo leaders on the disappearance of Nnamdi Kanu (Governors, elected leaders of both the senate and House, etc.). These leaders have begun to see Mr. Kanu as a threat to their leadership.
  4. The new item about Mr. Kanu’s corruption such as the theft of millions of pounds which he is alleged to have steered into his pocket. Accusing an Igbo of love of money sells well everywhere in Nigeria even among the Igbo. If Mr. Kanu does not have the Igbo interest in his heart then, he does not deserve to live. This accusation has one motive: to make the Igbo youth accept Mr. Kanu’s death. And therefore no violence when his death is announced.
  5. As an adjunct to the above, that accusation sets up a group of IPOB members as the killers of Mr. Kanu and absolves Mr. Buhari as the suspect. PMB gets away free and sets abroad on the land, Igbo vs Igbo confrontation. It is a clever move.

You remember the old adage: to kill a dog you must give it a bad name. Man and dog have been friends for a long time and if a man killed a dog his neighbors would think the killer is mean. But if announces that his dog is mad and a danger to the community; then if he kills the dog, the community hails him as a savior.

This is the story of Nnamdi Kanu. He is a terrorist, an enemy of the Igbo case, an embezzler, etc. Thank God he is no longer with us!

The Igbo would wait for Mr. Kanu as they waited for Gen Aguiyi-Ironsi and Col. Fajuyi in vain. Incidentally Kanu is also from Umuahia. The only missing piece is Fajuyi.

PMB would have killed two birds with one stone. He would have driven a sword of Damocles among the Igbo and would have killed Biafra again.

Well man proposes but God disposes. The Igbo thought Ojukwu was it. They did not think of Nnamdi Kanu. Who knows if there is an Okechukwu Kere somewhere else?

Biafra will not die!

Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

Boston, Massachusetts

November 20, 2017

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