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2019 Igbo Union Canada Cultural Night in Pictures and videos




Ndi Igbo Dalu nu oooo!!!!!

I have always been proud of being an Igbo man but yesterday made me even fanatically proud. I still remain an undiluted Igbo man!

I don’t know what to say or where to start. Ndi Igbo in Toronto, you did our culture and tradition proud yesterday.
On behalf of the planning committee and Igbo union of Canada I want to say a big *THANK YOU* to you all for trouping out with your families and friends to support Igbo union.
It was a happy and memorable night anchored by the 2 great gentle men in our community, Hon Fabian Nwoha and Chief Dr Jonnie Emenike. They did a fantastic job. Thanks Hon and Ichie!
Special thanks go to our elders. Last night’s event, brought out the highest number of elders I have seen in any occasion in Toronto. This goes to show how supportive they are to Igbo affairs and especially to Igbo union. Thank you our elders. We love you!

[huge_it_videogallery id=”12″]
Great colour was added to the event by the cream of elite Igbos at the high table. Chief Dr Fidelis Ezemenari took charge of proceedings, oversaw the traditional breaking of cola nut, and shared with Ndi Igbo a little of his experience as an elder statesman. Ochiagha e ga di ooo!

Who says Igbos don’t have the best women in the world? That person should have been at yesterday’s igbo cultural night festival. Our women were simply gorgeous. Their beauty radiated yesterday like never seen before. Their costumes were fantastic! We are happy to have you as our wives, mothers, sisters and friend. God bless you our women as you always support us to preserve and celebrate Igbo culture and tradition.

Food is one area that organizations usually fail either by lack of taste or management in occasions like this. I am happy and elated that we succeeded where others failed. Not only was the food delicious and sumptuous, it was enough to go round over 500 guests in minutes. People ate and ate and were satisfied. Incredible! Thanks to the great culinary skills and organizational abilities of our women. Ndi nne ma ma ooo; isokwa👏👏👏

My people, It was a night of incredible cultural performance. Every state showcased their music and dancing steps. Thank you Abia, Anambra, Imo, Enugu and Ebonyi states. It was more like a cultural carnival delivered with love and oneness. The number of Ndi Igbo that danced with each state was simply breathtaking. I was in awe with the awesome dialect of Ebonyi state. Igbo Amaka!

And yes, the spirit of Biafra rose last night. IPOB Canada led by Nze Tim Okafor were on hand to add Colour to the occasion. He was ably supported by Chief Collins Ogeke and our own high priest Mazi Jerry Okoro. Thank you IPOB. We are indeed one family!

The highlight of the occasion was the unveiling of the Agaba masquerade. This masquerade started its journey last night from the east and was spiritually delayed at the Canadian border. It took the intervention of Aka Ikenga and Amadioha to release the Agaba which suddenly sprang up at the venue last night and stole the show. Not surprised, the Agaba never showed any signs of jet lag as it danced to the sweet melody of ogene music. It was a colourful performance by the Agaba masquerade. I am glad to report that early this morning I got a message that the Agaba masquerade successfully arrived back to ala Igbo ready to visit Canada again whenever called by Ndi Igbo.

Umunnem, you can see that this was a night of great success. It was a night of fun, happiness, socializing and exhibition of what makes us thick as Ndi Igbo. Our culture and tradition will never go under. We are proud to be Igbos and no apologies for that.

The great men and women of the cultural night planning committee I salute you for a great job well done. You sacrificed your time and money to serve your people. God will reward us all abundantly. You guys made my job as the chairman of the planning committee very easy. Udo diri unu!

Finally, I want to thank everyone that supported us financially. Without your kindness, this event would not have been possible. We know how tough Canada is with acquiring wealth. May God replenish your pockets a million fold. We love you all.
For those who could not make it to the occasion last night, we thank you for your prayers. Do not despair as the next cultural night will even be bigger in *2021*.
Stay tuned!!

May God in his infinite mercy continue to guide, protect, bless and prosper us all in Jesus Name. Amen 🙏

Please ensure to attend the next Igbo Union meeting for more information that will interest you. The cultural committee will give detailed account of its stewardship and the remaining oriri na nkwari will continue at this meeting!


Chief Chris Nwakoby
Nnamenyi na Nkwelle Ezunaka
Owelle Ndi Igbo na Toronto