Biafra :Military invasion of Igboland- Buhari responsible

Igbo Union of Canada Strongly Condemns  in the strongest terms the Military Invasion of the South Eastern Nigeria and the Killing of Biafrans by Buhari Government

What is happening in Nigeria is horrible. Buhari(Nigerian President) has ordered armed military personnel to kill and maim all Igbos in the South East. But the funny thing is that the South East  Governors are watching. No action!! How long can this continue??


On the 8th of September 2017, Major General D D Ahmadu, Chief Of Training And Operations of the Nigerian Army announced an exercise called Operation  Python Dance II which he said was going to take place in the five South Eastern States to address “rampancy of assassinations, attack on security personnel, theft of weapons, violent agitations, armed banditry and kidnapping  Read More


Videos and Picture are gruesome, Viewers discretion advised.


No Western Media is reporting this  why??

 IPOB means Indigenous people of  Biafra- living in the South Eastern Nigeria. These people lost more than 3 Million Citizens during the Nigeria Civil War (1967-1970).



 IPOB Leader Comments on the Killings (September 11, 2017)



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