Igbo Union Press Release: NDI IGBO: WHAT NEXT?

Igbo Union Of Canada





Notice  of  Meeting.



VENUE: John Booth Arena: 230 Gosford Blvd, North York. (Jane / Shoreham)


Please come on time with your family.

As usual snacks and drinks will be provided

Agenda will be made available at the Meeting.


In response to this challenging question raised in the last meeting of the Igbo Union of Canada, the Executive Management Group has determined that our Union should refocus our vision for the next one year to the establishment and dedication of a Permanent Memorial Site in the GTA, in honour of the victims of the Nigeria / Biafra war (1967 – 1970).

Our people have become more attentive to the events in our homeland and we have to redirect and rejuvenate the consciousness of our Igbo people in Canada to a more united and important undertaking within the realities of our situation and the practicalities of our purpose and achievable goals.

 biafra flag

It is therefore, our hope that every Igbo person will attend this forth coming meeting to contribute the necessary ideas of how to effectively and successfully implement this our noble endeavour. A significant amount of work has already been done by a few dedicated people in our community and we appreciate their efforts.


Without undermining our affiliations to various associations in the GTA, we in the Igbo Union of Canada think that the time has come when all Igbo people groups should come under one umbrella, eschew all bitterness and distractions and focus more on just this one thing that binds us together.


A standing Committee will be constituted to undertake the task and process of achieving this objective and the details will be unveiled during this meeting. It is necessary you express your views on the following as we make the final decisions:

  1. Name of Memorial
  2. Choice of Memorial
  3. Preferred choice of location in the GTA
  4. Indoor vs Outdoor Site
  5. Funding / Expenses
  6. Directors of the Memorial


Other details will be fully discussed in the meeting.


In keeping with our tradition of our yearly Igbo Day of Remembrance, the first part of the meeting will be dedicated to the memory of our fallen heroes. A candle light vigil will be held and prayers, songs and reflections will be expressed. Our bond shall remain resolute especially in these challenging times in our homeland as we declare: OZOEMENA.


Members are requested to wear any of the following colours or a combination of – Black, Green, Red or Yellow as a symbol of our identification, respect and total commitment to the Cause of our Igbo people. Please try to come and be part of this History in the making.


Theo Nwaogu- Igbo Union of Canada

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