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Advice to Igbo Leaders

Wednesday, 27 February 2019 by
Dear Igbo Leaders What I have experienced recently with the way the Igbo Nation responded to the just concluded elections is unbelievable, the unity displayed, the dedication and the collective committment to support Atiku and Peter Obi was World Class. It says a number of things. First is that the Igbos are indeed very United. Secondly it shows that the Igbo Nation can be mobilized if there is a strong and focused direction guided by formidable leadership. However that MOBILIZATION must be in a tangible direction. For some strange reasons, which I cannot understand, the leadership of Ndi Igbo (…
Recent reports that we received indicates that there is turmoil in river state. Election officials are attacked and demonstration is also going on. See some of the events in pictures.  
Clear reports around the country has shown that the North are too Desperate and determined to win back the power. Children under 5 years of age are allowed to vote See evidence in pictures: