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On behalf of the Igbo union council and the entire planning committee, I wish to express my profound gratitude to the entire Igbo union community in the GTA for coming out in large numbers yesterday to promote the Igbo culture at the 2017 Igbo Cultural Night in Toronto Canada and most especially to demonstrate the drive that the e Igbo people are known for.   The cultural displays  from different state associations that we all witnessed yesterday with pride, provided an opportunity for us to reflect on the cultural debt that we owe our children. The event hall overflowed with…
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Culture and Habit is Everything

Friday, 01 April 2016 by
By Dike Nyerere If you do pay attention to economic history, you will discover that as at 1960, South Korea and Ghana were at par on virtually all available economic indices.They were even receiving comparable levels of economic aid. Interestingly, Eastern and Western Nigeria had a more thriving economy than South Korea. South Korea was poorer than Bolivia and Mozambique; today, it is richer than New Zealand and Spain, with a per capita income of almost $23,000. For 50 years, South Korea’s economy has grown by an average of seven percent annually, contracting in only two of those years. In…
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