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Igbo cultural night 2017

2017 Igbo Union of Canada Cultural Night Highlights

4 September 2017 IUC admin 338 Comments

On behalf of the Igbo union council and the entire planning committee, I wish to express my profound gratitude to the entire Igbo union community in the GTA for coming out in large numbers yesterday to promote the Igbo culture at the 2017 Igbo Cultural Night in Toronto Canada and most especially to demonstrate the drive that the e Igbo people are known for.


The cultural displays  from different state associations that we all witnessed yesterday with pride, provided an opportunity for us to reflect on the cultural debt that we owe our children. The event hall overflowed with people from all walks of life. If you noticed how all the kids were very attentive to every stage of the event, you will certainly reflect on the urgent need for us to continue to promote the Igbo language and culture.

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The Igbo Union of Canada is owned and operated by all Igbo States in Nigeria and as can be seen yesterday, all the Igbo states performed gallantly in beautiful cultural costumes. The mastery of the Nkanu masquerade display, the Enugu Ogene dance, The Abo Mbaise dance, Abia and Anambra state cultural displays as well as the Atiliogwu cultural dance from Ebonyi state were all a delight to watch. The young girls from Ebonyi state demonstrated that even though our kids were born in Canada that the Igbo Union of Canada can provide a platform for our kids to imbibe the Igbo Culture. The Ebonyi dance group got a couple of contract offers yesterday after their dance. Amazing!!

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To our ladies who made the food possible, our donors both in cash and kind, we appreciate you all.


We are proud to have been given the opportunity to plan and execute this great event that fosters Igbo Unity and promotes the Igbo language and cultural heritage in Canada and North America at large.


We thank the numerous dignitaries, the Igbo elders in Toronto and especially the award recipient Dr. Daniel and Dr(Mrs) Chinenye Okoro for gracing the occasion.


Warmest regards,


Engr. Joseph Eze

(Chairman Organizing Committee)


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