Ndi-Igbo Say No to Fulani Herdsmen Cow meat:No more cow meat in Biafra Region

fulani cow meat
RE: UNPROVOKED MASSACRE OF OUR PEOPLE AT NIMBO, UZOWANI LGA, ENUGU STATE BY FULANI HERDSMEN , ON MONDAY, THE 25TH DAY OF APRIL, 2016, OUR 34 POSITIONS: 1. We have viewed with grave concern, the reckless and callous attitude of the Fulani herdsmen, who had the effrontery to bring down their violence to our peaceful south-eastern states of Nigeria, by recently attacking our defenseless kiths and kin at Nimbo Community, Uzouwani, LGA, Enugu State, MASSACRED AND DISMEMBERED a lot of them, without any respect or value for human life. 2. These itinerant herdsmen have indeed drawn a line on the…
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