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Many Houses and Land for Sale in Lagos

Many Houses and Land for Sale in Lagos

 Price Drop: Many Houses and Land for Sale in Lagos


There has been lots of rumors that the Igbos have slowed down investments in Lagos. As a result, there are a lot of inventories in the market including land for sale in Nigeria or House for Sale being advertised with C-Of-O.

See some Adverts on this here

 Prices of properties have gone up in many South East states in Nigeria. Because of this shift, Real Estate Analysts estimated that in the next five years, the south eastern states will be as developed as Lagos.

One therefore wonders if the recent developments is related to the old Abandoned Property Syndrome or Ghana Must Go kind of Mayhem that happened many years ago?

In the same vein, The Igbos are being asked to leave the Northern Nigeria. In the last few days, you will read news like:


Northern Youths Ask Igbos to Leave Northern Nigeria


North Declares war on Igbos, Asks them to Leave


For other die-hard investors, this is a good time to jump deeper into the market at your own risk.


It is also sad that in a country where ONE Nigeria is preached on daily basis, that the Nigerian government cannot protect the lives and properties of the Igbos. If the Igbos are to leave Nigeria, based on International conventions, their investments should be preserved. Ironically, many Northerners or Northern Nigerian leaders have properties overseas. Why would the Igbos always be under siege in a country they initially called their own? There have been loss of lives in many incidents involving government forces and the unarmed Igbo Citizens 

The recent developments is pointer to the fact that the Biafran restoration is imminent. Forces behind the scene may have been inadvertently succumbed to the quest for the Independence of the Biafran republic. But maybe they don’t want to let go without a fight or without inflicting wounds on Igbos. The IPOB and the Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo have been very active in this struggle for the liberation of Biafrans especially after the release of the Biafran Leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. The whole world is watching and the social media has been used effectively by the Igbos to bring to limelight the dirty antics of the sponsors of the 1967-1970 Nigeria-Biafran war where over 2 Million Igbos perished.





One Comment

    5 July 2017 REPLY

    No one could have replied wife of the president, Mrs Aisha Buhari better than her husband.
    She has told the British Broadcasting Commission (BBC)
    in an interview that she would not campaign for her husband’s
    re-election under the current circumstances, which she implied to mean that a cabal has hijacked the presidency.

    President Muhammadu Buhari has simply dismissed her claims
    by saying that her place is in his sitting room and the kitchen.

    In a world overrun by political correctness and cultural appropriation, Mr President’s response will likely
    see the feminizes taking to the trenches to denounce it is a sexist response.
    But before the deluge of poorly thought out condemnation swamps reasoning we must stand
    back and properly appreciate what just played out.

    The exercise must be undertaken with all sense of responsibility
    as we must clearly understand that spouses are not elected on a joint ticket with their
    partners; it is a position several concerned
    citizens had to emphasize under the immediate past government.

    One would expect that limiting the undue influence of first spouses was an integral part of the change promised by President Buhari
    when he was campaigning. His allusion to the kitchen is therefore understood in that context.
    To the extent that his wife’s name was not on the ballot during
    the vote it is best she maintains her ‘official’ position and not be drawn into rivalry with those with statutory roles in government.
    In the years ahead Nigerians would come to appreciate the
    significance of this development and praise the man who stood his ground for this to happen.

    As for the interview, there are key questions to be asked.

    Are Nigerians genuinely as apprehensive about
    Mr President’s performance or the dismal outlook
    painted is in part the product of propaganda that is so well
    run that the economy has gotten worse because of the
    resulting sabotage? Does Mrs Aisha Buhari’s emotion laden interview has any connection with
    not being allowed to strut around with the imperial impunity
    that had been the trademark of ‘first ladies’?

    Getting answers to these questions would of course be as challenging as agreeing
    on who is most culpable in precipitating the current
    economic recession. What is clear is that Madam could have saved her family the embarrassment of
    that interview. She apparently spoke with good intent but the vultures have latched onto her interview to launch fresh attacks on her husband.

    One thing is certain, Mrs Buhari would lose sympathy
    with Nigerians if they get to discover that her interview was not so
    much to do with running the country on a best template but that she wanted to be allowed a say in state matters on the scale operated
    by Dame Patience Jonathan, whose conduct as First Lady has proven to be former President
    Goodluck Jonathan’s Achilles heel.

    If President Buhari choses not to be dictated to by his
    spouse it could be because he does not want to repeat the GEJ scenario where he was accused at some point of leaving his wife to run the country.
    It would be a disservice to the to the gains made in the anti-graft crusade, the winning of the anti-terror war,
    diversification of the economy and other achievements of the administration were to be described as dictated
    to by a woman like the one before it.

    What President Buhari needs at this time is support from all and sundry least of all his wife.

    Her emotional outburst, if that was what her interview was, cannot change whatever shortcomings she might
    have identified in the way the country is running under her husband.

    In fact there is the outside chance that Mrs Buhari’s thinking in granting that interview could be a coded plea for help sent to Nigerians to help save her husband’s government from saboteurs who are running the show from
    outside. Her idea would be that if such people continue to distract the government there would be no need for her husband to seek re-election to come and continue doing a thankless job in 2019.

    It is understandable that she would not be willing to campaign for her husband’s re-election if all her family would get for his hard work and sincerity are the kind of
    insults and ingratitude presently being hurled at the man.

    As a wife, she is in the best position to feel and appreciate her husband’s frustration, which she has expressed in a
    straightforward way. She may not be the astute politician but
    the point has been made that there are things that can be done
    differently in national interest. The points she raised are
    timely as GEJ’s government would have done way
    better if Dame Patience had been this forthcoming.

    Should this be the case, her sincerity, courage and honesty must be commended
    in recognition of how she has kept the first family above board while constantly
    demonstrating their commitment to the Nigerian cause.
    It takes a great sense of sacrifice to put one’s country above family like
    she did not just in that interview but in several
    other instances.

    Where the reverse is proven to be the case however, she needs to be wary.
    Those that have latched unto her sincerity to tweet their vindication for earlier predicting
    doom for Nigeria have nothing good to offer the country.

    They also have nothing to offer her should there be fallouts in the wake of her interview.

    We know their history with Hajiya Turai Yar’Adua but today Katsina is like
    a trip to paradise for them. The clip would be possessed by the real cabal and manipulated for running her family out of town. Only when they her done will the wife of
    Mr President realise their true intention.

    Walking back that interview is an impossibility as it were and attempting damage control would be as pointless as trying to mop up the rain that fell over an entire city.
    What Mrs Buhari needs is to face the reality
    that come 2019 President Buhari will remain firm and relevant to
    moving Nigeria forward. She should therefore remain supportive and help him focus.

    Detractors and opportunists cannot stop President Buhari from
    exercising his mandate and securing his place in history but they can make her abandon her place by his side in the limelight.

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