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Nigeria-Enugu killings by Fulani Herdsmen-Gruesome pictures


Nigeria – Enugu  killings by Fulani Herdsmen-Viewers discretion is advised

Many people have said that it’s only in Nigeria that a group of terrorists can be given a friendly name “FULANI HERDSMEN”. Others also said that these killings can only happen in the eastern Nigerian largely because the Nigerian Government cares less. People have also cried that that worst still, the eastern Senators and Governors have failed the people that elected them into the offices.

It is not far from the truth that the “Fulani Herds men are Boko harm terrorists exported to the east to subdue the Biafra struggle.


Reports from Nigerian News media indicate that over 500 Fulani Herdsmen invaded a number of cities in Enugu state Nigeria on Monday killing over 50 people. The city that received the highest casualties is Ukpabi, Nimbo in Uzo-Uwani Local Government Area of Enugu State. The death toll has been rising and the activities of the herdsmen have been widely condemned. Local associations have put out statements calling for government’s action.


In a statement issued at the end of an emergency meeting of Uzo-Uwani Professionals Association in Abuja, the group frowned at the recent attack of Nimbo community in the local government by Fulani herdsmen who crossed over from Kogi state during which more than forty lives were lost and property worth millions of Naira destroyed.

The association also warned that the people of Uzo-Uwani‎ will no longer fold their arms and watch any group pr individuals attack communities in the area for the single objective of killing, maiming of people and the destruction of communities.




More attacks were also recorded on Wednesday April 27th, 2016.

So far, here are the details of the Nigeria – Enugu  killings by Fulani Herdsmen in pictures:




There has been a number of killing is in the Eastern Nigerian since the Biafran independence was re-ignited by the arrest of the IPOB please late last year.

Is there anything to be learned from these attacks? Do you see any commonalities between the behaviour of Fulani herdsmen around the world?

The Nigerian Canadian Association has launched an online petition, please the least you can do is to sign to help spread the news around the world :Justin Trudeau: Stop Fulani Herdsmen from killing innocent Nigerians.


    5 May 2016 REPLY

    The Enugu gruesome killings is sure reminder that the Eastern region, the South-South, the Middle Belt and the Western regions of Nigeria should brace up for the worst, and the best way to brace up is for citizens to arm themselves and to defend their lives and regions. They should not wait to be attacked but they should be the one to carry the attacks to the terrorists, Fulani herdsmen whatever they are called. Local heavily armed militias should be encouraged to spring up in the East to counter the Marauders attacks. The gracing Bill must be rejected by the southern region of the country. To accept the gracing bill will amount to self destruction by the southern region and its people. I see Nigeria being set on fire by the powers that be but my prayer is that God in His Majesty will stop them before they can archive their wicked devices. Amen

    31 May 2016 REPLY

    we need to organize a demonstration in Washington DC as soon as possible in regards to these Igbo killings, even if it is only MAM members and their wives but I can help to involve some African American. lets contact all the Igbos living in Maryland and DC areas. let us post this pics in Igbo Baltimore events web site and invite all the Igbos and call for an emergency meeting of the Igbos. we really have to do something now before it is too late.

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