Nimbo Enugu Killings- No more grazing in Enugu state Says Government



Following the invasion of the of the Nimbo community on April 25th 2016 where the purported Fulani herdsmen killed over 50 people, the Enugu state government has made the following declarations to the Defence head quarters:

  • The Federal Government should create ranches to reduce the clashes between Fulani herdsmen and farmers.
  • Immediate disarmament of the herdsmen across the country
  • Institute a comprehensive screening of the Fulani herdsmen by the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) to remove the terrorists among them. Most of the Fulani Herdsmen carry sophisticated Ak-47 weapons.
  • It also said that in discussions with herdsmen, they accused the Shua Arabs headed by one Ahmed Adamu who was included in a peace committee as a
  • Adequate measures should be taken to ensure proper policing of the country’s borders to check the influx of irregular aliens and security men equipped to face challenges
  • The state government called for a proper investigation into the circumstances that surrounded the invasion of the community where scores of residents were killed and compensations paid.
  • Having spent enormous resources in the construction of a heliport for the Nigeria Police Force in Enugu, the state government calls for effective use of the facility with regard to fighting crime.
  • Network providers should be made to provide network services to rural communities to enable security experts perform maximally and to share information among the citizenry
  • There must be a military solution to this problem because we observe that some elements of criminality and terrorism have reared their head in it

Enugu state also stated that it is not only opposed to grazing the in Enugu state but also rejects the creation of grazing reserves around the country

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