The Great Biafran Girl- Last respect for Nkiru Ikeonyeonwu

Ikeonyeonwu is your last name.

You live to the name.

We will not forget you

The Great Biafran

Murdered by Nigerians

In BiafraLand

May her soul rest in Peace.

May all the BAD things not fit for HUMAN follow these murderers, their Family and member  for many Generations to come.

Those who tried to starve us to death.. died on Dinner table

Those who tried to impoverish us died heart broken with monies in insolvent banks.

Those who tried to trade us for Presidency never won a federal election.

Those who tried to shoot us on sight as a job died without any pension

Who ever this Great God is…You are hearing our prayers.


Ms Anthonia Nkiruka Ikeonyeonwu gave her life that Biafra may live. She was murdered by President Buhari’s army in cold blood along with 10 others. They were not armed. They were operating under the supposed protection of the law which authorizes freedom of speech, freedom of association and freedom of assembly. The police that was supposed to protect their lives and their property was reinforced by the army and navy to kill them. They did not have a fighting chance and they did not fight. May her soul and those of her brethren in death rest in peace.

I implore all Nigerians to observe a moment of silence at the stroke of 12.00 in your time zone to honor this great woman martyr. She is one of the 11 Martyrs of Onitsha Head Bridge (MOHB). May I also ask that those who have flags fly the flags at half master for a week to remember MOHB’s.

The state has not offered condolences; and have not set up a commission of inquiry to find why MOHB’s died. The slayers have melted into the society but they remain murderers.

Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

Boston, Massachusetts

December 7, 2015


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