A must read for Nigerian Bank account holders in Canada

BVN registeration Toronto Canada

If you have bank account(s) in Nigeria and wish to continue operating the account(s), you must read the following.

Please be informed that the CBN has ordered, with effect from 31st October 2015, customers WHO HAVEN’T COMPLETED THEIR BVN REGISTRATION would not be able to transact in any Nigerian bank, restrictions would be placed on their ATM use and Internet Banking access. For those of us in the diaspora, we must apply in our country of residence which is Canada. Although we are past the deadline, I still advise you to register and send your BVN number to your bank in Nigeria.  

The Canadian office of the company charged with providing this service in Canada (VF services Inc.) was opened last week. I was there on Friday and saw how many Nigerians were turned back because they had no prior appointment regardless of the part of Canada they came from. This is probably because the Nigerian banks are sending an email directing us to the VFS address in Toronto without telling us that an appointment is needed.

I have decided to share my experience to create the awareness and save people from embarking on wasted journey to downtown Toronto. Please find below a checklist of what you need to get ready before approaching that office. The most important is the appointment and bank draft. If you don’t have an appointment, please do not go there because you will be turned back no matter the story you tell. The website indicated debit/credit card is acceptable but that’s not the case. You need a bank draft please.

1. Go to the website – http://www.vfsglobal.com/bvn/nigeria/index.html
2. Click on step 1 – Print the BVN enrollment form. Fill it out as you will need it on your appointment day.
3. Click on step 2 to learn all the details – how to apply.
4. Click on step 3 to book an appointment – VERY IMPORTANT.
Appointment is mandatory before visiting the BVN enrollment center.

5. Print your appointment booking.
6. The things you need to go with on your appointment are;
    a. BVN enrollment form
    b. Your appointment confirmation/booking.
    c. Your Nigerian international passport
    d. One recent passport photograph
    e. Bank draft for $61 made payable to VF Services Canada Inc.
7. The address of VFS Canada office is unit 701-1235 Bay Street, Toronto, ON M5R 3K4. This is 3mins walk from Bay street subway station. Exit west

Please share with others in your distribution list.

Thanks & God Bless

Chris Nwakoby
President, ASPA Canada

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  1. Please I need some guidance on this BVN registration. Has any one been to Toronto VFS Global office for registration? Please what is the experience there? I have just booked a date in January for my registration there. Any hiccups expected. Is the process fast enough for me to finish and return to Calgary on the same day? Any tips order than the above will be helpful. Happy holidays!!

  2. Hi Chris,

    Thank you very much for summarizing the steps towards a hitch free BVN registration for we Nigerians leaving in Canada with Nigeria Bank account. Honestly, I found these steps very informative.

    Please I have scheduled an appointment for the BVN, and an appointment booking was sent to my email. But the unfortunate thing, is that I mistakenly deleted the appointment booking from my inbox email and trash box too. Now I do not have the print out of the appointment booking, however, I know my appointment date is on the 15th January, 2016, at 10 am. My question now is, hope the unavailability of the hard copy of the booking would not be a problem on the day of the appointment?

    Once again, thank you as I urgently look forward to your positive response on the way forward.

    Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

  3. Sir/Madam,
    Is it still possible to obtain this BVN in Canada? I was told that the place in Toronto is no longer issuing appointments for BVN applicants.
    Please kindly let me know.

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