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peel cadet program

Cadet Organization Police School (C.O.P.S) for your son/daughter

20 August 2015 IUC admin 0 Comments

Peel Region Cadet Program

A wonderful opportunity has opened again at the Cadet Organization Police School (C.O.P.S) for your son/daughter to enrol free of charge to the . 2824 C.O.P.S program. The 2824 COPS. has been developing youth for almost 40 years, and from learning effective speaking and leadership skills, to overcoming obstacles, physical and mental, there are many opportunities for your son/daughter.

Here are some important details direct from the organization.


Please know that your son/daughter is always supervised by dedicated adults that have

been with the organization for many years. These adults donate much of their time to develop

cadets and give them as much positive influence and experience as possible.


2824 RCACC C.O.P.S. has many trips that your son/daughter can take advantage of. We go

camping, canoeing, hiking, etc… Every Monday training night, we hand out information and forms for upcoming trips. This information is also available on our website (www.2824cops.com). Once all of

your son/daughter’s paperwork is handed in, I suggest they go on as many trips as possible, as it will only heighten their experience in cadets. Many times these trips are free or have a very low cost.


At 2824 RCACC C.O.P.S, we only ask that your son/daughter comes down to our

MOnday training nights. This is a mandatory night for all cadets, and we expect as perfect

attendance as possible. If your son/daughter is sick or has a valid excuse to miss a Monday

night, they are to inform their superior via the absence Notification System. If he/she does not

come down and does not have an excuse he/she will be marked as absent. After four

consecutive absences, your son/daughter maybe asked to leave 2824 RCACC C.O.P.S.


Once your son/daughter is in the Corps, he/she will be issued a uniform. This uniform is free

and all we expect is that it is kept clean and pressed. Our senior cadets will teach your son/daughter

how to keep all the different parts looking as sharp as possible. Should your son/daughter decide to leave the Corps, we expect that the uniform be returned to us as soon as possible.


This package is to help your son/daughter join 2824 RCACC C.O.P.S. as smoothly as

possible. If you have questions about any aspect of this package or the application process,

please do not hesitate to talk to our recruiting officer during a Monday training night, e-mail

in**@28******.com or phone 905-453-2121 Ext. 3890 and we will return your call.

Major David Kennedy

Commanding Officer

2824 RCACC C.O.P.S


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