Confirmation to work off campus-in Canada

Prior to June 1st 2014, Students admitted to Canadian universities of colleges can only work for 20 hours per week on campus.

This provided a tight control and reduced the flexibility to find work to make extra cash. While  it may be possible to find work on campus, it may be competitive and there may not be enough jobs available to the student population.

If a student wants to work off campus, a letter of confirmation to work off campus must be issued by Citizenship and immigration Canada.

This rule has changed after June 1st 2014. Students in Canadian high institutions are issued Work permit on arrival to Canada that authorize them to work within and outside the campus.

Because of this as of February 2nd 2015, the Citizenship and immigration Canada does not need to issue confirmation to work off campus. However they have provided a tool to help any student to determine if the meet the criteria to work off campus.

The core requirement to work off campus are they student must :

  •     Have a valid study permit,
  •     Attend a designated learning institution,
  •    Maintain full-time status at the designated learning institution, and
  • Be enrolled in an academic, vocational or professional training program that is six months or longer and that leads to a degree, diploma or certificate.

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