Igbo Union Of Canada Press Release.


The past few days in Nigeria have been marked by the most outrageous of human cruelty and injustice as the world watches with a deafening silence, the shootings and killing of unarmed youths peacefully protesting and demanding an end to Police brutality(#EndSars), harassment, kidnapping and unlawful arrest and detention. Hundreds of the youths including innocent children and women have been killed by a 21st century Hitler, president Mohammed Buhari who unleashed his ill trained military and police against the people.

Many more have been wounded and now in various hospitals across the country. Corruption and leadership ineptitude have brought a huge economic downturn and hardship to Nigerians especially the youths who not only feel marginalized and neglected, but also see no future for themselves. The Corona virus pandemic’s economic fall-out have now exacerbated these existing grievances and compounded living conditions in the country.

What started as peaceful protests across the country by the youths tagged “#End SARS”, meant

to sensitize politicians and the leadership degenerated to an unnecessary violence, shootings and wanton killing of defenseless civilians holding placards to show changes needed to make life more meaningful for the citizenry.

This brazen impunity and human carnage must stop immediately. The world is put on notice that further deterioration of this development in Nigeria portends danger and will definitely be felt across the world given the strategic position of the country in Africa. We are also disappointed that in spite of worldwide demonstrations of support for the #End Sars protest  around the world, most world leaders have kept mute and yet to condemn the dastardly act of killing innocent civilians in Nigeria.

In view of above and the serious criminal brutalities by the Nigerian Armed Forces and Police against innocent peaceful protesters – the very people they were expected to protect, The Igbo Union of Canada, today October 21, 2020 hereby demands among other things which will follow in due time, that all South East members of the House of Representative and of the Senate be recalled to their home constituencies. Other constituencies across the country are also advised to heed this demand.

Your recall is important to demonstrate your sympathy to those who have died and to register your opposition to the slaughter of those innocent young people who were protesting peacefully to end an oppressive State Police Force.

Your recall also shows that the Executive arm of the Government- The Presidency, does not have your support in the way they have used excessive force in dealing with peaceful protesters exercising their democratic rights.

Your courage and decision at this critical time will lend credence to your support, of your base and Region for all the marginalization and ill treatment that have been meted to them over the years.

Listen to your people so that at the time of reckoning you would have distinguished yourselves as “Honourable Gentlemen and Women” and you would be counted among those who said: :Enough is Enough”.

You are all hereby recalled home to dissociate your selves from the evils of Buhari Government   in Support of the #End Sars movement. .

Igbo Union of Canada

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