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Igbo Youth Connect Software Development Training

You may not be aware that this is happening but suffice it to say that the Igbo youth in Toronto Canada between the ages of 9-17 are making giant strides this summer season. According to the Youth Leader Adaoma Emenou, “We developed this program to prepare our youths to be part of the next generation leading breakthroughs in technology”.

The Igbo Union community in GTA Canada is leveraging the catch them young strategy to re-focus the youths to develop new skills in technology. The Igbo Youth Connect program is a program developed to improve the interaction between the youths of Igbo heritage, promote Igbo culture and potentially contribute to a larger scale in the development of Igbo Land and Canada.

There are many other advantages of bringing the youths together, you can name them but the most important is to reduce the ills of this generation that spend more time on video games and also reduce in future, the dependence on the ” Bank of Mom and Dad”.


Everyone was amazed at what the Igbo Youths in Toronto were able to achieve on the first day of the software development training class. Some of the achievements include:

o   Improved interaction among all the kids of all ages

o   Demonstrable determination to take up new challenges

o Teamwork skills

o   Tenacity to figure out new problem solving skills

o   As people of Igbo blood, they quickly developed the spirit of competition when the volunteer team introduced award prizes

o   On the first day of the training, the kids were able to put together a complex software programming logic that made animated objects to follow some basic rules to move within a defined space.

The Igbo Youth Video after the First day of Summer Software Development Training

Pictures of the Igbo Youths focusing to get the tasks done.


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