Funny Gas/Electricity Bills in Ontario

Enbridge gas

Funny Gas/Electricity Bills in Ontario

When you take a closer look at the cost your bills in Ontario, you will be amazed at how much rip off that every resident is going through. This is the more reason why the Liberals are in hot soup. The next election will definitely be based on this. Enbridge gas bills are very confusing to say the list. The members of the public should demand an explanation.

Take a closer look at the Gas bill below. The actual cost of the gas used by this user is $32.31. The customer is forced to pay all kinds of frivolous charges including Customer care charge, Delivery charge, and transportation charge. As if that is not enough, the customer is charged again for cost adjustment. 


Customer Charge                                             $20.00
Delivery to You                                                 $25.84
Site Restoration Clearance                                   3.56 CR
Transportation to Enbridge                               16.29
Gas Supply Charge                                                32.31
Cost Adjustment                                                   0.86 CR


Total Charges for Natural Gas                                $90.02 +HST
HST (Registration 105205140 RT0001)       11.70

Rate Adjustment                                              $14.44 +HST

Total Other Enbridge Charges                       $16.63

Can anyone explain  the difference between Transportation charge and delivery charge?

What is “Total Other Enbridge Charges”? This is ridiculous!!


On Enbridge Gas website, they indicated that “Ontario’s natural gas industry is deregulated, which means you have a choice in where you buy your natural gas…” This is simply a farce because there is no infrastructure or options available for customers to opt out of Enbridge gas distribution once you care connected.

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