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Enbridge gas in Ontario

Ontario New natural gas rates

While the gas rate from Enbridge gas dropped in the month of April, the federal government hiked its carbon tax rate. Home owners are seriously hurting on all these increasing bills.

Here are the excerpts from the Enbridge gas: The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) has approved changes to Enbridge Gas’ rates effective April 1, 2023.
For a typical residential customer the total annual bill decrease will be $184.26. The total impact on your bill will
depend on how much gas you use.
We understand that energy affordability is a priority for Ontario families and businesses. With the OEB’s approval,
from October 2021 to September 2022, we took steps to smooth out the actual increase in natural gas prices
charged by Enbridge Gas to help moderate the total bill increase at the time. We will continue to gradually recover
the smoothed out costs over the coming months.
Delivery to You
The delivery rates that vary with consumption decreased based on our forecast cost of delivering natural gas to your
home. These charges also include a facility carbon charge associated with the operation of Enbridge Gas’ facilities
to deliver natural gas to you.
Transportation to Enbridge
The transportation charge has decreased by approximately $19.19 per year for a typical customer due to lower costs
for transporting natural gas to Ontario.
Federal Carbon Charge
The federal carbon charge has increased from 9.79 ¢/m³ to 12.39 ¢/m³. This charge increases annually each April. All
of the money collected for this charge goes to the government.
Visit enbridgegas.com/federalcarbonprogram for more information.
Gas Supply Charge
The gas supply charge has decreased from 21.2666 ¢/m³ to 13.2318 ¢/m³ based on our forecast of natural gas
market prices for the next 12 months.
Cost Adjustment
The current adjustment is a charge of 1.3259 ¢/m³. The cost adjustment reflects the true-up between actual and
forecast prices for prior periods. Please see the included chart for the breakdown by component.
Rate Adjustment
The OEB has approved a rate adjustment to reflect the clearance of 2021 federal carbon deferral and variance
account balances. This will appear as a one-time charge on customers’ April bills, and for a typical residential
customer this will be a charge of approximately $1.17.