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Senior Director, Execution and Delivery, Payments and Trade Technology

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What’s the opportunity?

As the leader of the Payments & Trade Technology (P&TT) Execution and Delivery Team, provides oversight, leadership, project management, and business analysis for all technology initiatives being designed and deployed by P&TT. Facilitates project planning and communications, creating communities for project managers and business systems analysts to ensure P&TT delivers on its commitments to stakeholders in accordance with budgets and timelines and that any conflicting priorities or resource constraints are identified and resolved in a timely manner. Works with members of Senior Management Team and other project leaders to ensure teams properly document, analyze, review and report on all key activities with the portfolio of initiatives being managed by P&TT, to support the achievement of business strategy and strategic priorities, including near-term and longer-term objectives.

What will you do?

Strategy & Planning:

  • Define, communicate, maintain, and ensure the application of project governance policies and procedures.
  • Facilitate project planning activities and integrate individual project strategies into an overall strategy to ensure the effective execution of projects within the P&TT portfolio of initiatives.
  • Participate in budgeting and budget approval and monitoring of project financials.
  • Ensure project scopes and related resourcing is effectively articulated and monitor project work to identify and address changes to project scopes and/or resource requirements in a timely manner.
  • Share experiences, insights, and best practices to optimize the performance and productivity of project teams across P&TT and ensure activities are aligned with Technology and Operations (T&O) business strategies and priorities.
  • Serve as a key point of contact and reference for the enterprise on P&TT strategy and initiatives.
  • Identify and oversee the execution of improvements to project planning and project management processes to enhance the consistency and efficiency of project management processes and capabilities.

Project Management:

  • Work with members of the SMT and project leaders to develop and manage a coordinated project portfolio for all initiatives across P&TT.
  • Ensure integration and alignment of projects with P&TT strategy and priorities.
  • Provide leadership and expert counsel in establishing and implementing standards, guidelines and best practices for the development and deployment of solutions.
  • Lead the development and implementation of key development projects within the assigned budget, ensuring program

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