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Ndi-Imo Canada Inc

4 September 2014 IUC admin 5 Comments

Ndi-Imo Canada Inc

(The Organization of all the Associations and persons of Imo State Nigeria origin in CANADA)

We are indigenes of Imo State Nigeria residing in Canada and we recognize the need to form ourselves into an association for the benefit of one another and in the interest of the development of our new home, Canada and our ancestral home of Imo State, Nigeria.


Ndi Imo Canada is an umbrella association for all organizations, groups, and of person of Imo State Nigeria origin resident in Canada.

The organization is owned by and belongs to all indigenes, peoples and citizens of Imo State, Nigeria resident in Canada who comply with the registration and membership sections of our constitution.


Ndi Imo Canada is a non-partisan, not for profit, and non-governmental organization of all persons residing in Canada who meet the criteria set by the general membership and Board of this organization. The mission of NICANADA shall be to harness every available resource at its disposal for the development of the people and land of Ontario Canada and Imo State of Nigeria, and for the protection of the interest and the wellbeing of people of Imo State origin residing in Ontario Canada.


Our core values shall be the principles of family, community, honesty, industry and teamwork, patriotism, selfless service, exemplary and disciplined leadership.


We aim to become the leader and recognized voice of change and a think-tank of Imo State indigenes. NICANADA will constantly brainstorm, articulate identify, implement and develop ideas, plans and objectives that will be beneficial to Canada and the people of Imo State including all ways and means to enhance communication, safety of lives and property and promote good governance and accountability; promote general socio-economic development of our both countries and state. NICANADA is not affiliated with any political organization, group or person, and shall neither be sympathetic nor antagonistic towards any particular ethnic or religious orientation.


The objectives of this organization shall include but not limited to:


1.    To promote the well-being of, and to foster unity, networking and cooperation among the members of NICANADA

2.    To engage in activities, which promote increased social, political, business and economic development of Imo State through seminars, workshops, conventions, annual meetings, and other events, as the organization may deem necessary

3.    To promote interaction between the governments, agencies and peoples of Canada and the governments, agencies and peoples of Imo State Nigeria

4.    To foster good relationships between the people and governments of Ontario Canada and the people and governments of Imo State of Nigeria

5.    To engage in settlement and integration programs for new comers to Canada in order to promotecultural, economic, educational, and political integration of the people of Imo State origin in Canada

6.    To cooperate with other organizations in matters concerning the development of Imo State

7.    To disseminate information from and about the people and governments of Imo State

8.    To engage in social and educational activities that encourage useful engagement of youth and lead to respect of rule of law and order

9.    To solicit for donations and partnerships to initiate and support development activities and projects in Imo State

10.To demand accountability and good governance from leaders in Imo State of Nigeria as well support activities that foster educational, social and economic development and security and safety of lives and property throughout Imo State.




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    14 September 2017 REPLY

    good morning ndi imi of canada, i am so happy to know that igbo is happy in canada, i would like an information of securing an admission into Phd in canadian universities i awaits ur kind response, igbo kwenu!

    12 March 2019 REPLY

    Please how do I join?

    15 March 2019 REPLY

    Good morning sir/madam.
    My name is Onyekachi Kenneth lhemekwele from Obowo LGA in lmo.am writing you from Swaziland and am representing the people of IMO STATE in Swaziland.we just started our meeting NDI-IMO this year by his grace and is going on well.we the lmo state people in Swaziland we love to have you as our father in other to work together which we help us to grow because we are just starting.we normally hold our meeting every first Sunday of the first.
    For more discussion sir/madam.here is my personal number +26878256891 which is also on WhatsApp and here is house landline +26825056688.i hope to hear from you soon
    My regards to everyone

    13 September 2023 REPLY

    Откинь сомнения и бери все Ar*************@gm***.com 000*** igbounioncanada.com

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