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Are You Better Off? The Igbo Homeland Yesterday and Today

Are You Better Off? The Igbo Homeland Yesterday and Today


Overview of Message Content and Organization

Part A: Special Appeal and Invitation to Ndi Igbo Worldwide

Part B: Snippets of Information about the Igbo Homeland

Part C: Soul-Searching: Questions on Selected Aspects of the Igbo Homeland

Part D: Meditations on Biafra: Land of the Rising Sun

Part E: Elders of the Igbo Homeland: Skilled but Wanting in Leadership

Part F: By Way of Conclusion: Our Urgent Need for your Support


Part A: Special Appeal and Invitation to Ndi Igbo Worldwide

Inspired by the deplorable condition of the Igbo ancestral homeland – the mess the youth dispensation got us into after the Nigeria-Biafra War – and the urgent need to salvage the situation, this message is coming to you from the Nihi Ndi Igbo Foundation (NNIF). It is in line with our on-going projects to save the ailing Igbo language and the unique cultural knowledge it encodes from potential extinction and preserve them for the long-term welfare of present and future generations of Igbo speakers. To that end, we are interested in reaching out to the Igbo diaspora worldwide, including Igbo community organizations in need of help in this and other regards.

If you or other people you know fall into this category of ndi Igbo, we would appreciate hearing from you and the acquaintances, regardless of their country of residence. Please contact the Nihi Ndi Igbo Foundation at ig***************@gm***.com.

This message is also for you if you are an Igbo living in the Igbo ancestral homeland. We not only need your support as much as you need our services; you are, in fact, indispensable to our eventual success because you are on the ground and no stranger to the arena. Please give us your cooperation and, whenever possible, a brief situation report or update as well.

A broken tool, as you know very well, does not fix itself; someone fixes it. A city or country does not make itself the best dwelling place on earth for its inhabitants or citizens; men and women of great vision make them so. The city of Montreal in Quebec and Canada, for example, did not make themselves one of the most attractive places to live on earth. Like-minded Canadians, men and women, worked together to make them so.

Furthermore, the unemployment, welfare, and universal healthcare programmes in Canada did not fall from the sky like biblical manna. Far sighted politicians and visionaries took a pragmatic approach to Canadian problems of their day and established them for the betterment of all Canadians.

It follows, therefore, that the endangered Igbo language, culture, and homeland cannot sort themselves out if they are left alone to do so in due course; human intervention is imperative in that regard. In other words, it behoves us, ndi Igbo, to fix the Igbo language, culture, and homeland for the betterment and highest good of the stakeholders.

The Igbo diaspora can, therefore, do itself no better favour or render our people no greater service today than this: use its collective resources in conjunction with the ingenuity for which Biafra is known worldwide to redeem and transform the Igbo ancestral homeland into the promised land generations of ndi Igbo have misguidedly been searching for in the wilderness. That is what matters most now beyond your immediate and extended families.

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