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Are You Better Off? The Igbo Homeland Yesterday and Today

17 January 2021 IUC admin 0 Comments

Part F. By Way of Conclusion: Our Urgent Need for your Support

Life on earth is short. Nobody lives forever. And time waits for no one. Ndi Igbo have suffered and died enough unnecessarily because the post-war leaders of the Igbo homeland who had the power and authority to change their lives chose to leave them to suffer and die (see cases 1 – 13).

This is the most abusive violation of their oath of office (= to defend the Igbo homeland and protect the lives and property of our people) that I can imagine. And there is no foreseeable end in sight for the suffering because oppressors do not voluntarily have a change of heart and stop oppressing their subjects. They are never tired of subjecting the oppressed to abject poverty, a life of misery. They never refrain from doing evil. So, how long can our people simmer with anger before they reach the limit of their patience and boil over? The time has come to give them a well-deserved reprieve.

A person whose father is a butcher in the Igbo culture, does not eat bone. Today, things are so hard for the common people across the Igbo homeland that the children of butchers see no bones to reject, let alone eat the boneless cuts of meat! All is not well! Our people, men and women, young and old, are suffering excessively when we have enough resources to alleviate the man-made suffering, eradicate poverty across the Igbo homeland, and free them from hunger and starvation. And we cannot pretend ignorance of the unconscionable situation.

If you and your loved ones are better off with the way things are in the Igbo homeland, today, you are whole and in need of no physician. If, on the other hand, you and your loved ones are worse off, you have an obligation to help us reclaim and rebuild the Igbo homeland before it degenerates beyond redemption, or our narrow window of opportunity for fixing it closes.

Do you have a heart? Does the condition of the Igbo homeland bother you as much as it bothers us? Can you justify your apparent indifference to the situation in good conscience? Have we not wandered enough in the wilderness as a people and floundered around in the dark for too long in search of the elusive promised land? Before you sleep tonight, ponder on these questions and act accordingly. Our people are dying while you delay.

Whether you are rich or poor, young or advanced in age, educated or uneducated, a civil servant or a self-employed entrepreneur, a business man or a market woman, a CEO of a company or a philanthropist in search of a noble cause to invest in, etc. (no one or occupation is excluded), you have an obligation to help us reclaim the Igbo ancestral homeland and change the course of the Igbo society in such a way that it will work for you and your children, for the children of your children (= grandchildren), and for the children of your grandchildren (= great grandchildren) up to and beyond the seventh generation.

With your widow’s mite, you can facilitate the restoration of our ancestral homeland to its pre-war glory and the alleviation of the man-made suffering the like of which has never been seen in the Igbo homeland. With a tiny fraction of your fortune, you can invest in the security and well-being of ndi Igbo and their posterity. You and your organization can also support or sponsor selected aspects of our Igbo Heritage Preservation Initiatives, in particular, the seminal dictionary (in the making) – an exceptional initiative that addresses a compelling need in the Igbo culture.

These are capital intensive, special interest projects like no other that call for meagre investment on the part of every son or daughter of the Igbo homeland, each according to his or her ability. You will find no better opportunity to help rebuild the Igbo homeland à la Nehemiah and enshrine your name in the annals of the Igbo Nation than this. Please send a brief email to the NNIF project coordinator in this or other regards at ig***************@gm***.com.

This is not only our chance to fix the Igbo homeland right, once and for all, or hold our collective peace forever; it is also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to be part of history in the making because we are in this battle for the heart and soul of the Igbo homeland together.

Our post-war leaders have perverted the Igbo society and destroyed the establishments that held us together as a people to the extent that no pillar of the land and culture of our ancestors will remain standing a few years from now if we do nothing to safeguard the situation. We are perilously close to our own destruction and, by implication, close to losing Biafra and our ancestral homeland as well. So, let’s go for it! Igwe, as our people say, bu ike. All hands on deck! Oge eruwo!

By the way, before I terminate this message and let you go, I would like to remind you all of the following offensive situation that insults our collective intelligence as ndi Igbo, a peculiar nation. The Igbo homeland is blessed with mineral resources, fertile lands for agriculture, good weather year round, and abundant rainfall and sunshine. In addition, we have no natural disasters like freezing rain and blizzards, hurricanes and tornados, earthquakes and tsunamis, landslides and volcanic eruptions, etc. to contend with.

In spite of these blessings, our people are living a life of misery in the midst of abundance and dying for the sins of the post-war wreckers, plunderers, and looters of the Igbo homeland who do not give a damn about their welfare. Does the situation make sense to you? I presume that it does not. And that you would like us to put an end to the nonsense. Your choice then is to be or not to be a part of the solution because it calls for concerted action without delay on our part.

We thank you for your support and help and, as usual, welcome your questions and suggestions.

Yours sincerely,


Onyema Nwazue

The Nihi Ndi Igbo Foundation

Email: ni********************@gm***.com.

Email: ig***************@gm***.com.

NOTE: Please draw the attention of every Igbo person you know to this message.

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