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11 May 2024 1 Comment

[envira-gallery id="5074"]Tribute to the 4 Canadian Fallen relief workers that perished during the Biafran War in their quest to Save Biafrans.Presented by Igbo Union of Canada at the memorial service of those who

19 August 2023 1,650 Comments

By Somto Okoroma and Favour Chinaka identifying husband in presence of Audience Marriage in Igbo land is a revered event that doesn’t just include the bride and groom, but also calls for the

19 July 2023 4,002 Comments

The term Igbo is used here in both the singular and plural senses. Igbo stands for both a nationality group and the language spoken by that group. With these clarifications out of the

19 April 2023 4,836 Comments

While the gas rate from Enbridge gas dropped in the month of April, the federal government hiked its carbon tax rate. Home owners are seriously hurting on all these increasing bills. Here are

26 February 2021 6,808 Comments

The Finance Act 2020 was recently signed into law by President Buhari and became effective from January 1, 2021. According to the provisions of the Finance Act 2020, the federal government can borrow from

17 January 2021 790 Comments

Reviewing the Assassination of Ogacheko Atanu and a Warning to Nigerians in Diaspora on the State of Insecurity in Nigeria by Frank Tietie Ogacheko Atanu, an Idah born, world acclaimed and Saudi Arabia

17 January 2021 6,337 Comments

Are You Better Off? The Igbo Homeland Yesterday and Today   Overview of Message Content and Organization Part A: Special Appeal and Invitation to Ndi Igbo Worldwide Part B: Snippets of Information about

21 December 2020 3,766 Comments

The Nigerian government is mandating every Nigerian citizen to get a National Identity number called NI. The NI is managed by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) According to the organization, the essence

22 October 2020 2,992 Comments

NDIGBO LAGOS PRESS STATEMENT Lagos. 22 OCTOBER 2020 For Immediate Release Ndigbo Lagos associates itself with the demands of the #ENDSARS protests across the nation of Nigeria. It is regrettable that miscreants hijacked

22 October 2020 744 Comments

Igbo Union Of Canada Press Release. RECALL OF ALL SOUTH EAST MEMBERS OF HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES AND SENATE. The past few days in Nigeria have been marked by the most outrageous of human